How early should I show up for my class?

Thanks for asking - Please show up 10 - 15 minutes and start warming on our cardio machines.

How long is the class? what is the structure?

The classes are 1 hour - it's broken into segments of boxing techniques and conditioning.


What do I need to start a class? what do I wear?

Please fill out your waiver - book your class online - wear clean shoes and comfortable workout clothes.

At what age do you suggest that I start my youth?

That's a good question - while the best age to start is 9 years old, we do have youth in the gym as young as 7 years old. They must know their Left from Right hand. - That is the most important.


What experience is required to take classes?


90% of our members are new to boxing - So  - No experience is required.


Can I Eat there?

 We have G2G Protein Bars and Waters for sale.... Many flavors.