Yikes: I'm a Blogger Now!

I pride my self on learning something new everyday. Today, I set off on the task of writing blogs for my friends and future members that follow the 3P Boxing 247's website. Remember, a website's content is static and does not change. However, a blog is always changing and adding new and useful information to the website for readers, followers and members.

A blog is 3P Boxing 247's journal. Coach Mike will write most of them but, sometimes I may have other people or a team of people writing them as well. I am good at a lot of things but, I don't know if blogging will be one of them. So pray for me.... no seriously say a prayer for my creative writing skills right now!!!! Ah thank you! I can feel the big man up stairs trying to figure out a plan for my writing skills right now.

Ok sorry where was I? Yes, my blog. My blog will reflect the things that are relevant and important to the boxing gym, the sport of boxing, health and wellness, as well as information about the gym's members new products.

Ok! And we are done!!! See that was not too bad! To learn more about the purpose of blogging or if you like to blog and want to be on my blogging team contact me. Please please everyone don't reach out all at once. My Goodness my email box is going to be full from so many people wanting to write for www.3pboxing24/7.com

Just send an email to:

Attention: Coach Mike Lewis info@3pboxing247.com

Subject Bloggers United!!

Just tell me a little about your writing super powers and what you would be interested in covering!!!

Thank you Coach Mike

Additional Reading : www.firstsiteguide.com

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