The CORE problem!

Ok, I'm still new to blogging but, I'm an old vet when it comes to knowing what the core muscles are and how to make them stronger. The funny thing about our core is it's the only group of muscles we are continuously trying to make more compact.

Where is the core located? The core comprises a system of muscles in the lower trunk area including the lower back, abdomen, and hips.

What does it do? These muscles work together to provide support and movement in every conceivable direction.

Spend time on your core because it helps ease back pain, improve your balance, and helps us lift heavier weights without strain. Our core is like an armed guard, when it's strong it keeps our body protected from injuries.

Remember core health does two important things it keeps your body supported and it can add to your good looks. Remember to workout 2- 3 times a week and eat diets low in fat and processed carbs. Keeping your eye on your food is a CORE ingredient for success.

Additional Resources: Anatomy of Fitness by Hollis Lance Liebman


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