Stick to your Workout. Not to your Excuses!

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

10 Solutions to your favorite excuses

Your success in the gym depends on knowing when you're not being authentic with yourself. Realizing reasons and excuses are different is a first step to a healthier body. There are many many excuses to skip a workout but, very few good reasons. Here are 4 good reasons to skip training.

The Good Reasons

  1. You're sore

  2. You're sick

  3. You're exhausted

  4. You're hurt

Remember recovery is just as important as working out. So, if one of those 4 reasons apply to you, remember to back off and let your body heal.

Check out the 10 bad excuses that can derail any momentum. Watch out for these top ten excuses and if you encounter them try the 10 solutions to help you stay on track.

1. It's raining outside.

Solution: Pick up a pair of weights, jump rope to workout at home during bad weather.

2. I have no Time.

Solution: Combine things that you do anyway. Set up business meetings where you walk instead of sit, go on dates where you play tennis or walk on the beach.

3. My Gym Sucks.

Solution: Change gyms

4. I'm Bored with my Workout.

Solution: Try renewing it by doing it in reveres or counting down instead of up.

5. I Never see Results.

Solution: Measure your waist, heart rate, recovery time and celebrate even the smallest sign of progress.

6. Five weeks and no change in Waistline, Heart rate, or Weight.

Solution: Whether you see results or not, you're strengthening your joints and connective tissue which mean you are laying the proper foundation for future muscle.

7. I Have no Energy.

Solution: Eat Eat Eat! When you workout your body must have calories, protein, minerals to recover and build new muscle. Remember high active athletes may require 1,000 cals more than a non-athlete.

8. I'm Just Making Sure My Body is Getting Adequate Time To Recover.

Solution: After 72 of rest, you're just sliding backward. To recover think about mixing L-glutamine in your postworkout shake and eat a diet full of omega 3 fatty acids: they can assist with cellular reconstruction.

9. I Alway Get Hurt.

This happens when you ratchet up your workout. Focus on losing 1 pound at a time or boosting your weights in 5 lbs increments. Go Slow.

10. I Hate Working Out Alone.

Go to the gym at the same time and on the same days. Say hi to people. You'll find others who are on your schedule.

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