Sneak Peek 👀

3PBX247 needs to start offering memberships ASAP so stay tuned with for some very special deals!

This is what the gym looks like if you were a wild bird flying over the gym without the roof on it.

Q&A: where is it?

Ans: 1795 Radio Drive Suite E, Woodbury

Q&A: How much?

Ans: Depends on how many classes you want to take.

$160.00 for 24/7 access and 8 classes a month.

Q&A: Are you like Title?

Ans: No, we teach you how not to get your ass kicked and how to spar. Learn is a multi week Real Boxing Training system.

Q&A: Do you train kids?

Ans: Yes, but kids under 9 must be interviewed first. If they don’t know their left from right or numbers 1-12 they probably won’t get in.

Got to go for now but for more info please feel free to email, text or call.


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