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Recently COVID-19 has been on everyone’s mind. That’s why it’s important I offer Zoom workouts. In this Blog I will answer what a Zoom workout is and why they are important. offers a service that allows members the opportunity to meet up and train together on their phones and computers. I can see everyone that joined in through the private link. However, if you turn off your camera I won’t be able to see you but you can still see and hear me. This is an important and useful feature for folks that enjoy their privacy.

The classes are 1hr and are designed for all levels they are fun but intense. The format is...

15 min Warm Up

15 min Learn Boxing

7 min Shadow Boxing

7 min building combos

I hope you all will check out the classes to see if it’s right for you. Remember when you take the class I will record it on your attendance chart just like I did at the gym. Please join me soon.

Coach Mike

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