Donate or Rejoin. It’s do or die. We got hit hard! (click link to donate) COVID-19 Support for Family Friendly Boxing Gym Business

I hope my message finds you all well. We are all going through a difficult time and I know for a fact that it has not been easy for any of us. In fact, some people have had more to deal with than just the scare of pandemic and the experience of being isolated in their homes. From being laid off their jobs and losing their source of income to businesses losing 100% of their revenue, this fight has taken more from us than we have.

Boxing has always been my first love and having known it since my childhood, I grew up with a lot of confidence. It made me realize how good engaging yourself in a sport can be, both for your mind and body. I wanted to pass my experience along which is why I invested my heart and soul in making my dream come true. Today, I own the world’s first 24/7 smart boxing gym that is also family friendly. This place has not just been a space for training the youth and building their confidence, but it has also been a safe haven for people who have suffered from bullying and have found it hard to stand up against it. The gym is also focused towards encouraging classes where families train together and with everything that we offer, we were beginning to make a name for our brand in the market. Given the success, I had planned a grand opening for my gym but unfortunately, due to COVID-19 outbreak that mandated social distancing, I was forced to shut my boxing gym 7 days before that.

With the loss that the gym has suffered over the period of last few months due to the lockdown, it would be impossible to plan for a reopening without your support. I am here to ask for your donations that will go towards reopening my gym so we can provide people the space they love, the space that gives them confidence and makes them feel safe.

In gratitude for your help, I promise to give back to our community, through my gym, and in any way that is possible for me. Your support at this point in my life and for my business means the world to me which is why I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to go through my cause and for supporting it.

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3P Boxing 24/7 by 3P Boxing 247 INC

3P Boxing 24/7 by 3P Boxing 247 INC