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Updated: Jul 23, 2019

Get up and dance!!!!!

Last weekend was an amazing time with the “3P Crew” we were in the house for James vs Demarco boxing match. It was an epic battle between a youthful long range boxer (James) against crafty ex world champion with a punishing “Mexican Style Body attack” Demarco.

The fight was a great demo for what I preach at 3P Boxing. Keep your hands up and elbows in and learn your techniques so well you are on auto pilot.

I believe that 3p Boxing should have a social event group and I am happy to say I’ve found the Armory to be perfect for our future gathering spot for live fights and fun for our gym.

I‘m still looking for a pay per view venue so leave a comment if you know of a local restaurant that will let our “3P Crew” come in and enjoy a night of boxing.

When going to a boxing event at the Armory her are a few tips.

1. Buy Tickets early for the best seats

2. Invite others to come with you

3. Dress casual

4. Get there early

5. If you see the lady that wants to make everyone get up and dance don’t make eye contact. Inside Joke but seriously do look at her.

6. Don’t spend too much money

Lastly, have a good time watching someone who has trained hard their whole life go out and give it their all.

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