LEARN class is for youth or adult athletes. LEARN is a technical class where you will be taught the true art of boxing! Highly trained USA Boxing certified coaches will teach you the proper technique for striking as well as how to defend against a punchers attack. Each class focuses on a specific combo that you will use through structured shadow boxing, aqua bag work and mitt work exercises.

Joining the Burn class takes your conditioning to the next level. Implement your boxing skills in a high-calorie-burning interval workout. In this 50 minute workout, you will work hard and sweat within your group as you motivate each other to grind it out and find your inner strength!

Get it done on your own in our state of the art boxing facility. Whether you're a professional boxer in need of an extra workout or you are just looking to tone up on your own time. 3P Boxing 24/7 is right for you. Our 24/7 access is provided  by, VIZPIN SMART , a digital key that lets you use your smartphone as a key. Just purchase your 24/7 prospect membership request your key and unlock your new gym with a push of a  button.