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What We Do:

Tiered Boxing Training


Hi, I'm Mike, I'm awesome and this is a short bio -about how I know my stuff about boxing. I'm a badass Boxing Champion.    Hire Me !

At 3PBoxing, we focus on the 3 P's of Boxing: Physical Fitness, Psychology, and Precision. We teach these through a unique, custom built training course that takes you through the basics all the way to becoming a highly skilled boxer. Our training incorporates decades of boxing experience into a ranked progression system where you can reliably track your progress and understand where you are in your boxing journey. We're open to all ages, and we teach not only in groups, but one on one as well.


Personal Training

The first P of 3P Boxing is Physical Fitness for a reason. Being in top physical condition not only helps you in your boxing journey, but it maximizes your life as well. Every day things get way easier and better when you're physically fit, and we're experts in helping you reach your goals. 

Fitness Equipment sales

Looking for equipment for home but you just don't know where to turn? Trying to build out your garage gym and need the essentials? Look no further than 3PBoxing - where not only you can get a great workout, you can also purchase equipment so you can get after it at home too! We have everything from free weights to cardio equipment. Come on in and see our gym and retail location.


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